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Commission a realistic portrait

Commission a realistic portrait: Hand-painted pencil, charcoal and pastel drawings.

We provide an affordable, reliable service and accept online payments by PayPal. Prices, which include postage and packing, start from as low as  40 Euro

Affordable prices, FREE worldwide shipping.

Have you ever wanted to order a portrait of premium quality. Portrait which was drawn by hand, original portrait. If you wish to have your child’s portrait,  or a portrait of parent, spouses, friends.

Contact our art studio RasicART. We are very flexible and do the maximum for our clients.

Amaze your friends or business partners with original and unique gift for a wedding, for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas,

Give them a portrait, an art which is permanent and eternal, something that grows in value. The portrait is a gift that will delight everyone.

You dont need any more sit and pose in front of artists for ours, painting and drawing portraits can be ordered based on your photos.

This is certainly the easiest way from the comfort of  your own home, you get the desired portrait.

A portrait is too small a word for all of what we offer: We specialize in children’s portraits and baby portraits, draw people, and draw portraits of pets, real estate, cars and everything else you can imagine what you can order from us.

All portraits are drawn by hand and are superb works of art. Our artists can guarantee complete satisfaction  of delivered masterpieces, you get a signed certificate from the Master of Arts for each portrait ordered.

We use a variety of painting techniques while drawing portraits (pencil drawing portraits, painting portraits watercolor, watercolor painting a portrait, acrylic portrait) on different surfaces (canvas, paper,) our portraits are draw by superb artist and Master of Arts.


A good photo of high quality is the foundation of superior portrait.

we can not draw the details which can not be seen on a photo. In most cases, the photos are only way to see the person you draw a portrait.

Keep this in mind when selecting photos for making portraits on order with which you want to draw a portrait.


Before sending the finished drawings to address customer payment can be done in several ways:

– Directly to account

– PayPal

– Moneybookers

Top quality

Your image will be created by a professional artist with decades of experience and with a Master’s degree in art and sculpture.

100% hand-painted

We do a picture of the old traditional way of simple freehand drawing in frontof the  photo.

100% guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the picture, we will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

All of our products come with a certificate of authenticity from the Master of Arts and Sculpt.

Free delivery worldwide.

 Looking to capture that special someone or something in a hand painted portrait? It is as simple as emailing us your photo or image.

A portrait is a great gift if you’re looking for something very special and unique.

A portrait carries a great amount of sentimental value and creates long lasting memories in the most creative and special way.

We can change the portrait as per your request, such as eliminating or adding people, clothing, hair, eye colour and backgrounds. We can even combine two photos to make one painting.

We are specialized in making children’s portraits, family portraits,  painting and drawing portraits for weddings, painting and drawing portraits of pets, painting and drawing portraits of celebrities and sports stars, actors.

You can request anything from people, animals, places, or even an image you like – with exact specifications on colors, textures and size.

Top quality

Your painting will be made by professional artist with decades of experience and with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) graduate degree.

100% painted by hand

We make the painting the old traditional way of simple freehand drawing in front of the photo. No computer was used

100% money-back guarantee
If you are not 100% happy with the painting, we give you a full refund with no question asked.

All our product come with Certificate of Authenticity from a Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

FREE worldwide shipping.

          Portrait Drawing

One of the classic and most popular themes in art is a portrait. (Portrait (French portrait – an image) is an art, an artistic image of a man in a static position.)

Types of portrait:

~ According to the number of persons depicted: single, double and group.

~ By genre: sculptures, paintings and graphics.

~ According to the composition: head, head and shoulder girdle, half length figure, whole figure.

~ According to the head position: full face, three-quarters, and semiprofile profile.

~ According to sex and age: men, women, children and animals.

~ Self-portraits: A special type of portrait is a self-portrait, where an artist or photographer creates a portrait of himself.

Painting a portrait is not the easiest task. Many artists have dedicated a large part of his life to his research.

Of particular importance in painting the portrait are the proportions. Of course, everyone looks different, but strictly following certain rules helps with makeing drastic errors, especially for beginners.

We use nose as a unit in determining the height.

It is applied approximately four times the height of the head.

Approximately one nose height is distance from the root (base) of the nose to chin.

The primary measure for width is eye.

The distance between both eyes is one eye.

The total width of the head is five eye widths.

Below you can see the scheme of building a portrait. Rough sketch of this kind can save a number of errors per drawing / portrait.

A common mistake when painting a portrait is that the back of the head is drawn too flat. Note that the back of the skull is spherical, not flat.

If the portrait is not painted from life (a model to pose), it is most often done by picture. For this purpose it is good to obtain sufficient quality and detail photography that will help most of the artist to clarify the features of the man who paints.

To make a professional portrait can be used a number of techniques and materials. Whether it is pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel, watercolor, oil or acrylic paint, paper or canvas depends on the outcome, what is  desired to achieve, and the use of the finished work.

Mastering the art of portrait painting is not only mastering  the techniques and materials. One of the greatest artist challenges is what makes life work,  to express character and emotions of a portrait.

Master of Fine Art and sculpting

Lyubov Rasic


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CUSTOM ORDERS always welcome.

You can request anything from people, animals, places, or even an image you like – with exact specifications on colors, textures and size.